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In my 28 years of life, I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a kitchen that Actually has an organized and assorted set of countertop kitchen tools. Whether it’s friends’ apartments, office kitchenettes, even my grandmother’s house, I really can’t remember a single or Individual a kitchen that doesn’t have the same hodgepodge of ladles, tongs and other kitchen utensils collected over the years, tossed haphazardly into a second-hand vase or recycled container.

Until recently, I fell into this camp. My counter collection consisted of: colored rubber scrapers, metal tongs, a few random ladles, a meat pounder that I don’t think I’ve ever used, two whisks, and a plastic spatula with a half-melted handle, all packed in a glass vase that I got from a bouquet a long time ago. Was it functional? Perhaps…? Most of the tools hadn’t been updated since I was in college, so barely. Was it pretty? Definitely not.

When Material Kitchen’s “The Fundamentals” set ($195, 20% off with code WELLANDGOOD right now) showed up on my doorstep to test work, I decided it was time for a upgrade *adult* overdue. I donated my sad collection of misfit tools and quickly put this beautiful set on my counter – now I implore you all to do the same.

Material Cooking, The Fundamentals – $195.00

The Fundamentals includes all your favorites: two sleek knives, a wooden spoon, a metal spoon, a slotted spatula, tongs and a ladle, all in a chic magnetic base you’ll be proud to put on your counter. Use code WELLANDGOOD at checkout for 20% off in April.

Where to start? Between the gorgeous wooden base, the Instagram-worthy tools, and the efficiency of each, it’s hard to pick favorites. “The Fundamentals” goes back to basics in the least basic way possible, elevating the everyday kitchen tools you know and love to something you’ll actually want to show off.

Let’s start with the tools themselves – these parts are definitely a treat. Each set includes the most exquisite essentials, including two stainless steel Japanese chef’s knives (one 8-inch, one 4-inch), one wooden spoon, one metal spoon, one slotted spatula, and tongs. Only looks are so pretty, and feature a pop of color on each piece (in addition to the tongs and wooden spoon) that enhance an overall minimalist aesthetic.

But the function is much more impressive. They’re easy to use and work well – something I didn’t know I was missing when using my assortment of random treats from Dollar Store. For example, my new spatula never sticks to the pan, since it’s stainless steel. That’s not to say it’s too stiff to turn, say, a pancake or flaky fish fillet. It’s flexible enough without being flimsy. and is melt proof for those times I accidentally leave it on my pan. The spoon is cool too, because it’s actually three tools in one. Obviously I use it to stir sauces and soups. But it doubles as a measuring spoon with a 1/4 cup capacity, and acts as a service ladle at dinner time.

If I had to narrow it down, though, I think my favorite part would be the chic and organized base that, again, marries function and beauty. You can choose from two types of wooden bases: walnut or maple. I went with maple, and – not to honk, but *beep beep* – the light wood looks fresh and clean against my white cabinets and kitchen counters. This looks put together, like I didn’t just have a vase full of randomness in its place a few minutes ago.

The best part of the base, however, is its thoughtful design. The five tools fit neatly into the slotted base, while the knives hang neatly from a magnetic inner wall. This secret magnetic wall keeps them off the bottom, protects them from scratches, and provides an easy-to-grasp place when preparing a meal. While other products skimp on convenience and functionality, Material Kitchen’s tool set mixes them up perfectly, and layers on the design, which your cookware medley definitely doesn’t.

I know, I know – breaking away from this haphazard vase of spatulas, tongs and whisks isn’t easy. But believe me, this is the *adult* upgrade that will make you feel like a top chef with the counter space to match. And now is the time: this month you get 20% off all Material Kitchen products with the code WELLANDGOOD.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

Geraldine D. Luckett