Save $90 on this 290-piece drive mechanics tool set from The Home Depot

For the hard-working mechanic or automotive DIY enthusiast just trying to make ends meet between driver gigs, this 290-piece mechanic’s tool set is a workshop essential.

Featuring a wide variety of standard and deep sockets, this versatile combination of wrenches, sockets and assorted tools helps tackle repair projects large and small with an all-in-one kit that will save you that fourth trip to the hardware store.

Included in the complete 290-piece set, you get three drive tools, 77 standard sockets, 63 deep sockets, 34 specialty sockets, eight adapters, eight extensions, 14 combination wrenches, and 91 other assorted tools for a full selection of tools. options in a kit.

Each tool is forged with chrome alloy steel with a corrosion-resistant chrome finish that provides durability and strength while stamped size markings make it easy to distinguish a ¼-inch drive socket from a socket. ⅜ inch drive – and, yes, if you were to steal my computer, you would find “what is a drive socket” in my Google search history.

This 290-piece ($149) mechanic’s tool set is now $90 off at Home Depot, so be sure to grab yours before something big breaks.

Geraldine D. Luckett