On-Site Tool Management System Adds Value to Midwestern Refinery

Torque Tools Inc. was established in 2004 as a distributor of RAD Torque systems.

The business started out as a family business with service and repair experience and only a handful of tools to offer customers. Since then, Torque Tools has never stopped evolving. The company has grown rapidly thanks to its 100% customer satisfaction rate and dedicated employees.

“We’re ready to help your business through overhaul season,” said Bobby Branam, Managing Director of Torque Tools. “Our world-class service and busy rental fleet allow us to assist with rental and repair of tools for straightening jobs across the United States.

“However, new equipment and repairs are not the only services we offer. We also provide on-site technicians and mobile labs for the duration of an overhaul. Our technicians provide services such as tool verification, field calibrations and repairs, and tool data and performance reports. “

During a refinery turnaround in the Midwest, Torque Tools implemented a tool management system unlike anything that previously existed on site. Normally, contractors brought their own tools when doing turnaround work at the refinery. But in this case, Torque Tools set up a central supply site with on-site calibration and repair trailers. After each shift, each tool was handed over by contractors and a calibration check was performed by Torque Tools.

“Torque Tools actively managed these tools and made the appropriate adjustments, repairs and calibrations as needed,” said the refinery maintenance manager. “We were able to see how often calibrations were needed, and it was a lot more often than we had originally anticipated. We’ve learned that if you check tools every shift, you’ll always find the ones that need to be calibrated. The tool could have been abandoned or something else could have happened to it during the shift. It is important to remove these unadjusted tools from the fleet. An unadjusted or uncalibrated tool could cause major equipment problems.

According to Branam, Torque Tools was on site throughout the turnaround. The company provided four technicians on site, a tool trailer with all the tools needed for the job, a mobile calibration lab, and a repair trailer.

“After the tools were returned at the end of each shift, our technicians recalibrated the tools and provided the data to the lead time manager to confirm the effectiveness of the equipment,” said Branam. “It also allowed the turnaround manager to verify that the tools were functioning properly while in use. Being on site allowed us to make immediate repairs to damaged tools and immediately return them to service, reducing downtime due to inoperable tooling, if at all. “

Torque Tools has performed over 2,500 on-site calibrations during the six weeks of operation. In total, Torque Tools provided 250 tools, and all tools were counted at the end of the review.

According to the maintenance manager, Torque Tools was one of four tool supply companies the refinery considered for the job. The maintenance manager pointed out that Torque Tools was the only one “ready to think outside the box”.

“With their highly trained technicians on site, Torque Tools did it all worry-free,” said the maintenance manager. “We knew we had a quality fleet of tools on site and that they were being maintained in good condition by Torque Tools.

“We also chose Torque Tools because they have a large tool pool, including RAD Torque products, which we find very accurate. The price of Torque Tools was also in line with what we were looking for. But Torque Tools’ drive to be creative is what sets them apart. “

The maintenance manager appreciated how Torque Tools was “ready to try something new”.

“It created a great partnership and we got a lot of value from using Torque Tools,” said the maintenance manager. “I would recommend sites to consider their onsite tool management system. Torque Tools has provided a very cost effective and hassle-free way to manage tools. Not only that, but Torque Tools has always focused on customer service. , delivering everything we needed very quickly. “

Torque Tools has always had its trailers manned for day and night shifts.

“We rotated two technicians every 12 hours because the work was going on 24 hours a day,” Branam explained. “Our technicians checked the calibrated clamping equipment at the start of each shift, recording the refinery employee’s badge number so we could determine who had each tool. At the end of the shift, the employee returned the tools to our tool trailer. We would record the employee’s information and count the tool as recorded.

“Providing this service on-site has dramatically reduced the turnaround time. What was normally a two to three month lead time was accomplished in record time. With our assistance and collaboration with refinery management, we were delighted to help them complete this turnaround in just six weeks. “

Torque Tools customers can call 24/7 and enjoy superior customer service and delivery. Torque Tools strongly believes in providing not only friendly customer service, but also first-class sales, dedicated support, fully stocked rentals, and calibrations traceable by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. .

For more information visit www.torquetoolsinc.com or call (281) 320-TORQ [8677].

Geraldine D. Luckett