New Horizons Player offers a unique porcelain tool set concept

A special piece of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan art features a beautiful concept for the porcelain versions of the game’s tools.


Although there is plenty for gamers to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsmany activities rely on the tools of the game. As such, it makes sense that a Animal Crossing: New Horizons the player would like to share artwork based on the items they see and use all the time.

There are six tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all for one purpose. The net and rod allow players to catch bugs and fish respectively, while the ax is used to chop down trees. Players dig up clams and move flowers around with the shovel, while the watering can allows players to grow their plants. Finally, the sling allows players to shoot down Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘gifts, which can contain anything from special DIY recipes to ever-useful bells. Each of these tools recently received a stunning overhaul from a talented fan.


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Reddit user and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player StrawberryInu is responsible for six porcelain designs, spanning the full range of tools available in the game. All use a beautiful white and blue pattern, instantly distinguishing them from all of the designs currently seen in the Nintendo title. The Porcelain color palette also covers the full range of tools, further distinguishing the designs, as many of the recolored tools in the game retain the default appearance of their handles.

Each design is full of intricate details, including a few in particular. The watering can basically looks like a teapot, with an easily visible tiger design on the side. The ball for Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ slingshot has a neat flower design, while the fishing rod lure is an adorable cloud. With the end of the shovel curling up nicely to resemble a vine, the fan clearly put a lot of thought and care into every tool featured in their memorable artwork.

While many loved it Animal Crossing: New Horizons creation, as it garnered over 14,000 upvotes, some were quick to joke about how quickly the tools would break down. With plenty of jokes already shared about in-game tools breaking too often, it’s easy to imagine a porcelain set breaking instantly when in use. Redditor Thunder_lord37 joked that a missed bug catch would see the tool broken, and it’s easy to imagine the ax or shovel breaking when hitting a surface. Still, even as prank items or a display set, it would be nice to see these wonderful tools in-game.

Each time the next animal crossing game releases, maybe Nintendo will take a cue from the fan work and introduce a similar model for items. For now, however, players can continue to admire this beautiful toolset concept.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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