Need a set of mechanics tools? Both of these options are under $100

One is Husky, the other is DEWALT.

DEWALT Mechanic’s Tool Set for $99

Husky Mechanic’s Tool Set for $99

Husky and DEWALT

For tune-ups, breakdowns and everything in between, a handy set of mechanics tools might just save your cars while saving your money. So it’s best to plan ahead by grabbing one of the two mechanical tool sets on sale at Home Depot and Amazon.

Priced at $99, this Husky 230-piece mechanic’s tool set from The Home Depot includes 131 sockets, 86 accessories, 10 wrenches, and three ratchets in an easy-to-carry three-layer storage case. Complete with standard SAE and metric measurements, you only need five degrees of movement to easily tighten and loosen.

Mechanic's Tool Set (230 Pieces)

Mechanic’s Tool Set (230 Pieces)



The equally cool price tag of $99 is this all-chrome DEWALT 205-piece mechanics tool kit from Amazon. Complete with a sturdy carrying case, you get your three standard 72-tooth ratchets (also with five-degree arc handling), 115 sockets, and a durable non-slip screwdriver that won’t slip out of your hands.

DEWALT 205-Piece Mechanic's Tool Set

DEWALT 205-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set



With both sets priced the same, the choice rests firmly on the shoulders of the buyer; both are well-reviewed products from reputable brands – one of them just includes more accessories.

Choose the Husky 230-piece Mechanic’s Tool Set or the DEWALT 205-piece Mechanic’s Tool Set for $99 each.

Geraldine D. Luckett