HCL CAMWorks-Zoller Combination Streamlines Tool Management

Image credit: HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies has implemented the Zoller TMS Tool Management Solutions interface in its HCL CAMWorks software. This interface provides CAMWorks users with tool database management options and an overview of available tools, eliminating the need to maintain multiple tool databases.

Using the Zoller interface in CAMWorks standardizes tool data and automates data exchange between the two software systems. Customers enter their cutting tool information into Zoller’s central tool database, and the tools are automatically imported into CAMWorks. The software captures tool parameters such as specific tool type, contour line for tool holder and cutter, and technology data (eg feeds and speeds). The interface also allows users to define tools in Zoller software with the same tool types and settings they use in CAMWorks.

This software combination reduces the need for manual tool data entry and streamlines tool management. Once a part model is programmed, the Zoller interface generates a setup sheet that includes a list of tools used for the part. This setup sheet helps with tool assembly, measurement, and importing part cut measurements into the machine.

Geraldine D. Luckett