Get Industry-Specific Equipment Financing Solutions via PaydayNow

Get Industry-Specific Equipment Financing Solutions via PaydayNow

Equipment Loans

The equipment loans allow you to generate equity in your new business equipment.

An equipment loan may be the ideal option if you purchase durable equipment that won’t be outdated soon. You’ll own the equipment after the term and may be eligible to deduct it from your taxes.

Beneath the end of the term fits

  • Predictable monthly payments at competitive rates.
  • You will own the property at the end of the time.
  • You may be eligible to deduct depreciation.
  • Qualifying may be more manageable.

Equipment Financing Contracts

Use a loan-like equipment financing agreement to save money.

With an EFA, you may consolidate all of your equipment and soft expenses into one monthly payment, freeing up funds for daily necessities and emergencies. Financing is a challenge. An EFA makes things simple.


  • Up to $500,000, a one-page application is available.
  • The same-day credit decisions and documentation.
  • More efficient processing
  • Transactions from $5,000 to $5 million are possible.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries and equipment.
  • The service is available in all 50 states.
  • Experts in leasing, local offices, and customer support may assist.

Trac Lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause)

With Trac Leases, monthly payments are tax-deductible.

A Trac lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) is a commercial vehicle and trailer open-end lease. This option enables you to lease equipment at a reasonable cost.


  • 100% financing is available.
  • Tax-deductible donations
  • Lease terms might be more enticing than purchase terms.
  • Cash flow is better.
  • You may purchase, renew or return the equipment after the lease period.

Equipment Operating Leases

An operating lease may reduce your obligations.

Operating leases are not capitalized. Your organization may use equipment without paying for it outright. You may return the equipment, re-lease it, or buy it for its fair market value.

Programs and Term

  • Buyouts at market value
  • The payback period is 36-84 months.
  • Seasonal enterprises’ terms vary.
  • Equipment Leases

PaydayNow Installment loans

PaydayNow Installment department may provide reduced monthly payments and tax advantages.

Your business relies on high-quality equipment. We’ll arrange payments over 84 months. You may buy the firm’s workhorse for $1. PaydayNow prolong the useful life of youhelpfulpment.


  • Predictable and fixed monthly payments
  • Working capital and credit lines are conserved.
  • There is 100% financing (equipment is collateral)
  • Equipment delivery faster
  • You may be eligible to deduct depreciation.
  • Competitive Bank rates and price

FAQs about Equipment Financing

What equipment leases and loans do you offer?

We provide tax leases, operational leases, trac leasing, equipment financing leases, agreements, and loans. Our industry-specific equipment finance consultants can connect you with financing that suits your company’s needs.

What is your equipment financing rate?

The loan duration, the product chosen, and the borrower’s credit score all influence our business equipment financing rates. We work hard to keep our clients’ equipment loan rates low so that they can focus on their business. Contact us today to talk with one of our specialists.

What do you finance?

Our usual pricing range is $25,000-$5000. Our adaptable team can help you locate a flexible financing plan that meets your company’s needs and the transaction size you need.

Do you have any minimum qualifications?

We look for these attributes in applicants:

  • The industry sets acceptable FICO scores.
  • No major catastrophes have occurred in the recent two years.
  • Repayment history is vital.
  • 36-month company history is essential.
  • Businesses only qualify.

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