Digital Tool Management System for Small Manufacturers

Photo credit: TDM Systems Inc.

To support customers who need data management solutions, TDM Systems Inc. offers new data services for users and tool manufacturers.

TDM Cloud Essentials is a cloud-based tool management system developed especially for small businesses that have so far avoided digital tool management. TDM Systems’ entry-level solution is available now, and businesses that don’t need an IT installation can simply sign up and get started right away.

New versions of the main TDM and TDM Global Line software product lines will be released by the end of the year. According to the company, the builds allow users to perform better and more efficiently. The new luminaire module for the TDM Global range helps users manage the wide range of different luminaires.

Using TDM software, users can use various communication options with production machines to implement automated transfer of tool data directly to the machine control. According to the company, this means that required tool data can be transferred without error and, by monitoring tool life, tools can be re-equipped in a timely manner.


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Geraldine D. Luckett