Dallmeier Device Manager offers tool management and cybersecurity

German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier introduces the “Dallmeier Device Manager”, a tool for easily configuring and administering Dallmeier IP video systems. With this successor to the popular “PService” software, installers and system managers can also quickly and easily encrypt a wide range of Dallmeier video systems, with TLS certificates and apply other security measures.

Installers and system administrators know the challenge all too well. Encrypting video security system connections is a complex and time-consuming task. Expert technical skills are required, especially where large networks and system landscapes are involved. The new Dallmeier Device Manager tool makes security configuration much more convenient.

Encryption in six easy steps

In addition to all device management tasks, the recently unveiled Dallmeier Device Manager (DDM) makes it easy to encrypt a Dallmeier video system with TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates.

As a result, system administrators can provide Dallmeier devices with the necessary certificates from a single central user interface. It is even possible to encrypt access via mobile terminals. In this way, DDM users further increase the protection of their Dallmeier video systems and can meet their individual security requirements. On its home page, the manufacturer offers a configuration document, which explains how to implement TLS encryption in six simple steps.

Dallmeier Device Manager (DDM)

The Dallmeier device manager also has a dashboard that displays the most important data regarding hardware and security status, license agreements and software version.

To make this device data available, the software automatically scans the entire TCP / UDP video network for single-sensor cameras, multifocal sensor cameras and Dallmeier recording systems. A search for ONVIF compatible devices is also possible.

Dashboard: critical data always in sight

The DDM can also be used to change many parameters and the IP addresses of connected Dallmeier devices

The DDM can also be used to change many parameters and the IP addresses of connected Dallmeier devices, directly open configuration dialogs and create extended reports for optimization and maintenance. To further improve system security, when running the software for the first time, system operators are asked to assign strong passwords for access to individual devices.

Additionally, the system notifies the user of current software updates and expiring software maintenance licenses. Devices with the same software version can be updated together in one step via the DDM.

Total system continuity to the VMS

As soon as the connected devices have been stored in the DDM, they can easily be transferred to the Dallmeier video management software, SeMSy Compact, with the corresponding configuration files, using the multiple selections and drag and drop functions.

The cameras are ready for use immediately after this operation and there is no need to reconnect to the VMS.

Geraldine D. Luckett